Gaining and Retaining New and Current Patients

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Gaining and Retaining New and Current Patients

Gaining and Retaining New and Current Patients through your Practice Website during the Pandemic

The importance of a having well-designed medical website and creating an online presence is crucial to your medical practice now more than ever, regardless of how the pandemic affects your marketing outcomes. You don’t want to risk deterring new and current patients from using your practice.

Now patients are doing much more research online relating to their care and choice of doctors. Is your website relevant to the needs of potential and existing patients? It is critical to create an appealing image for people who are not familiar with you. New and prospective patients will get their first impression of your practice by utilizing your website.

Your healthcare website must also be functional and user-friendly. New and current patients need to have a good online experience, because without it, the result of calling to make an appointment diminishes drastically.

Kirby Watson Director of Sales at Keep IT SimpleThe initial paperwork process is smoother when patients have the opportunity to do as much online as possible before their appointment. Many practices now enable patients to complete and access patient forms, appointment requests, and administrative details prior to an appointment through the website. By having paperwork and necessary documents filled out ahead of time digital and securely, many patients are able to skip waiting rooms and be directed straight into an exam room. Make sure your website provides security for patients who will be providing personal information. This trend is expected to continue post Covid-19, as it provides efficiency for both the patient and office staff.

A well-designed website should create a feeling of comfort and relatability. Providing pictures of staff and doctors, the lobby, and patient rooms will increase the odds a patient will choose your practice. Having an up-to-date and well-written bio about the practice and the doctors will provide a connection for patients.

In addition, the significance of having a web presence is more important now, as practices have become more competitive. How do people find your business without knowing who you are? How do you stand out and show up first when someone is searching for what you provide? Being able to utilize search engines relevant to your services by using general keywords and a good online marketing strategy can lead potential patients to you.

You have one chance to portray yourself for the first time through your website and online marketing presence. You need to make it count.

Gaining and Retaining New and Current Patients through your Practice Website

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